One I Have

I always forget I have this one because I don't do it consciously.

My body remembers movements and can improve them just by learning it once.

So if I learn how to do something well enough, I never need to practice it. I'll always be able to do it.

I've learned to do a lot of gymnastics and contortionist moves this way. I use them for stretching out my back (I have scoliosis).

I always forget I have it but it's there. I can choose which move I want, but it does that on its own. I don't control it.

I played softball when I was a kid and I was always the best hitter on the team because I learned the motion needed to hit the ball hard and far. Once I made contact with the ball, it was out of there, because I did the same motion every time.
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to be able to watch him every second... especially when he is alone at home.... my life wud be so exciting:) never to watch him with anyone ad get a long hug whenever i want....and just sleep in his arms:) haha