Super Power

If i could have any super powers in the world it would be Telekinesis, freeze time, Flight, invisibility, Intangibility, Healing, Power absorption,empathy,teleportion , cryokinesis electrokinesis and Premonition. so here are mines what would yours be? leave a comment below let's see what you think is the coolest power even. :)
Shadowfox20 Shadowfox20
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6 Responses Jan 15, 2013

Super speed and super strength

So now you want two powers

No I didn't see the other obe



yeah i got that



Invisibility all the way!! Dude you could do anything! ANYTHING!! aww totes invisible! I'd go invisible then cover myself in ketchup and video myself licking it off, how cool would that look! YES!!

Ha that's funny. You have a pretty weird idea on what to do with that power.


to be good to all and have the power to heal and help everyone that needs it

Thank you. Sound like u and oneofnine and Archie1961 seem to want the same power

You could certainly do a lot of good with those. I think my super power would be time travel. I like empathy as well; but anything that saved people from harm would be good too - healing, perhaps, relieving sorrow - something that works but does not necessarily draw attention to myself.

Those are cool powers thanks for commenting. U and Archie1961 seem to be the same about helping people and taking pain away

I want all those powers too!!! :D :D It would be the coolest, most epic thing ever!!!! :D

yes i agree it would be totally epic

:D !!