Super. Power.

I have been asked this question several times. I have always had the same answer.

It's not flying. It's not running fast. It's not being invisible. It's not reading minds.

What do I want to do?


Smart alecks go, "Can't you do that already?" Snicker snicker.

Yeah. I can. But it hurts.

I want to be able to jump off the highest mountain I can and feel nothing but the breeze taking away everything weighing me down. I want to jump off a bridge and leave everything behind me. I want to throw myself off of buildings and not have to care about anything but the world rushing past me. I want to be suspended in space and time and not have to think about anything.

And I want to walk away from it with the knowlege of what it's like to be fully free of everything.

You have to try to fly. It would take effort to run, and read minds. Your still fully you when your invisible. All I would have to do is let go.

But that will never happen. So instead I have to take up bungee jumping or sky diving. It's as close as I will ever get.

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18-21, F
1 Response Feb 9, 2009

I want what no one else would consider. I am a man who is almost 22, and I want the ability to grow bigger. As a little boy, I had been dreaming about growing bigger and bigger and bigger, and I LOVED IT!!!