Your Taste In Music Says You're Cheerful

Your Taste in Music Says You're Cheerful Your musical tastes are upbeat and conventional.
You are an easy going, optimistic person.

Family and friends are very important to you.
You enjoy caring for and helping other people.

You thrive in a tranquil environment, and you do your best to keep things peaceful.

You enjoy your life. You have your priorities straight. 

Well, I have to say, I like what this says - I would like for it to be true - and I hope that at my core, it is - just hard to see right now in the midst of such stressful times - but they aren't forever (at least, I hope they aren't - eeeeeeeeek!  LOL!)!

I forgot that I took this in July - and just took it again - good thing I got the same results - at least I am consistent about something!!  LOL!  : )
DorothyofOz DorothyofOz
41-45, F
2 Responses Jul 28, 2010

That is what I am planning on! I hate that I have allowed my life to dictate who I have become - that I have lost this "cheerful, optimistic" person - and that I have withdrawn from life and the joy I get from helping others because I feel so lost and down right now and don't want to be out in the world for "all to see!" So, I hope for the day that all of "this" doesn't obscure the real me! Thanks for the comment!

if it is true at the core of who you are then even though with having stressful times once you pass through them the inner you will shine!