Sterling Knight Fans

Are You a Sterling Knight fan?
And do you act crazy when you hear his name or see him on the big screen, and yes that is you telly !?
Well have i gbot news for YOU! GET A LIFE!!
Leave him alone, its okay to like his music but screaming and acting silly and crazy because you hear his name isnt gonna make him notice you, well it will because your probably giving him an ear ache but your just one girl/boy their are plenty more of you wishing you could meet him and touch his hair? or hug him or touch his hand? BUT YOUR MAKING YOU SELF LOOK CRAZY WHEN YOU GO SUPER CRAZED FAN ON HIM!!!
And if you like my post and feel the same follow my blogs and read what ive got to say and if you disliked it well tell me what i need too change and if you did like it TELL ME!! andd follow my next blog later today or maybe tomorrow  BUT! ive got news for you Sterling Knight Fans!, Sterling Knight has a new lover pictures on the scene and one more thing STOP ACTING CRAZED!!!!!                                  thanks xx from amyyxx2
PS. no affence crazed fans :) ;) <3 smileylaughyes
amyyxx2 amyyxx2
Jul 29, 2010