My Favorite Music

Yeah, i like all kinds of music...except some operatic stuff ....and some classical stuff...and i don't go too much for nationalistic music, you know the kind they always play as typical of a country or region. and i definitively like rythmic stuff, but not as rhythmic as reggae. my very favorite at this point in life is jazz-soul and blues. the jazz-soul preferably instrumental - no voices - like some stuff  by Jr. Walker and the All Stars. Sax, hammond-b organ, guitar, base, used to turn me on when i was 16, still does now at 60. and blues, i like 'em raw, with the lyrics. i used to like Buddy Guy when he was with Junior Wells, but when the 2 split up, Buddy became too exquisite. i like some Hendrix blues renditions, and sometimes the most obscure interpreters i really groove. i like Charlie Brown. and in jazz proper i like Sarah Vaughan, and some Nina Simone...and i forgot, my very favorite ax-player was Stevie Ray Vaughan - he was an outstanding master, what with being so young and all. i like Yusef Lateef, and the Bird, and Tito Puente, and Lionel Hampton. most of these guys are dead by now, but they left their stamp, and it's a gas finding an old album you never heard of and playing it, and having it blow your mind.



Elieli Elieli
56-60, M
Mar 5, 2010