Mental Mystery Of The Heart

It baffles me. It boggles the mind. How can someone know an answer to a question and not tell someone who needs to know the answer? I mean, it does not make sense to me. I do not see how silence can be construed as an acceptable response.

If person B has a question for person A based on persons C, D, E, so forth, and their input, and person A knows the answer as matter-of-fact, then why dangle the string of knowledge in view but not within reach?

Person A should tell person B the answer so person B can also be in the know of said answer, and so the existence of unknown can forever be squelched in this icky sensation that is just another question-and-answer moment of time.

Some people are okay with silence. I have never been okay with silent treatment. If I need an answer, it will eat at me if I do not get an answer, no matter what direction the answer goes, negative or positive. I just need to know the answer and while some answers are better left unknown, some answers are needed so the knowledge seeker can stop existing in the world of uncertainty.

Do I get upset when I hear an answer I don’t want to hear? No because it is reality and wallowing in feeling bad about someone else’s opinion merely takes away precious moments of positivity and happiness. Do I get upset if someone does not answer me? I get sad if they do not answer me. I get mad if I hear an answer from a reputable source if I expect to hear from the person who can answer me. I get mixed with a world of negativity if people around me tell me contrary to what I hear or see that only said person can verify in heart of voice.

I cannot comprehend how people can live life and deliberately not answer someone else’s question that they know the answer to. I feel if the answer is known, don’t hold back just because of my over-excitement in positive or possible overwhelming-sorrow in negative, but rather just tell me so I know.

Some things I am okay with finding out from others, but there are certain things that need to be dealt with one-on-one between knowledge-holder and knowledge-seeker. Tell me negative. Tell me positive. Either way, just tell me so I know.
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1 Response Jul 3, 2012

I'm like you. I'd much rather know and accept the truth, whether I like it or not.<br />
Unfortunately I think this is not so for many people, which is in itself a cause for sadness - because the truth almost always comes out in the end and when it does the consequences can tend to be far more dramatic and serious than if it had been told in the first place. In the end, the truth is always healing, although as in medicine, the healing process itself can sometimes be very difficult.<br />
A clue -- when people are not being honest, there are usually clear signs that don't match. A cat does not yawn when feeling playful.