One Word.

I have no intention of being put into the ground with the bugs and the darkness, I plan on being cremated and stored inside of Pringles cans. My children have already chosen their individual flavors, so they know whats up.

But IF I did intend to be buried, I have thought about what I would want my gravestone to say.

One word.


Sometimes it feels like I answer this call a thousand times a day. It really drives me crazy, because they won't just tell you what they want, not before repeating, "Mom" 3 or 5 times first. What is up with that??? 

 All my life I have heard the word  "MOM!!!" and I have responded with, "WHAT??"  So when my kids get lonely, they could visit my grave and say whatever they like, Cus' I will be impatiently shouting, "WHAT?"


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I'd like to brag even if only for my tombstone... i'd have two too... one for those who know me (which is very factual) and those who didn't (which is fictional, you didn't know me when I was alive, then you might as well think the world about me when am dead) :)

Aww, sweet merily. You are young enough that you can have a lil' scooter butt if you want, and if you don't want to have one, you could try to adopt. It's not too late, really! Love ya, sweets.

I have held men as they died. Their last word is always, "Momma",

Awww, I love that idea, Destiney24! Very sweet. I'm glad I didn't ruin pringles for you forever....*giggles*...

*LOL* I have learned to never ask why, lovie. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a cute comment. Don't be a stranger!... = )

Just read fungirl's comments; it would be an HONOR to Grok* you in some Pringles, plus I'd have a nifty excuse to eat Pringles; can't go disrespecting a Watersister* now, can I.<br />
<br />
*both concepts from Bob Heinlein's "Stranger in a Strange Land", which, if you haven't read it, you're probably thinking that's what I am and why I'm here in this thread.

*LMAO* Thanks for reading and commenting, sweetie.

Brass urn for me, on the mantelpiece, facing big screen TV. I know I would be watching chick-flicks for eternity, but what the hell. My headstone would read "Dammit, I told you I was sick".

I wish I knew, Chipperchick, I wish I knew....he's probably somwhere being his beautiful, brilliant self!<br />

Gee, and I was in the diet pepsi bottle, and the pustafix bubbles, and, now, i am all alone, flying high....<br />
<br />
where's Morgan freeman, when I need a supporter?

Welcome to my circle, AbandonedSoldier!<br />
<br />
You will find that laughter is how I deal with most things in my life. I think whatever keeps your head above the waterline, is cool.<br />
<br />
Thanks for reading and for the funny comment.

Sorry, J. about the Pringles thing. My kids loved the idea. I have a rather unusual parenting style....they were not caught off guard by my burial preferances at all. <br />
<br />
My son even commented amidst bouts of laughter, "Warning: Please, Don't eat the Cheeze-Ums"


C, you ruined Pringles for me, now. I will feel like a guilty cheater now if I 'eat' them. Dang!

I don't know "what" else to you think of something, let me know.<br />
<br />
Thanks for commenting, Pam.

*ROFLMAO* No comment! Heeheee..... (*whispers*, I needed to take off a few pounds, sorry)

LOL you know those Mesquite ones do kind of taste a little burnt lol.

Awww, sorry, sweetie....If it makes you feel any better, I'm not in there yet...LMAO!

LOL I may never eat another Pringles that I do not think of you.

Brilliant idea! Thanks for thinking of it, Ye Ole Imperial Troll! *winks*

*LMAO* Now you're gonna send me running for the restroom! OMG!!

Goofy, my kids say i am ...tottlly spaced out..but, they do like my bubble idea...but, they walk away, when I start talking about,aliens...from outer space,don't worry....

LOL....I think we did post simultaniously....You know what they say, Goofy minds think alike!!!

Oh, we posted stories at the same time..i must say,you sound most like me...i am going into bubbles, and diet pepsi bottles...<br />
<br />
but, i haven't benm ab;e yo stoplaughong at my own styory, i just read to my daughter, and tghe i read yours ro hrs, and, ithink I need to change mypantiliner...<br />
<br />
<br />