Death Of A Stranger

My afternoon started innocently enough. I was on my way to take the kids to the pool when I saw a guy laying on the sidewalk. It was a jogger as I could clearly see by what he was wearing. Jumped out of the car and rolled him off the sidewalk cause it was like 120 in the shade....He was unconscious, bleeding from his head, and breathing shallowly and making an odd noise. Called 911. He has a pulse but his eyes....they aren't moving.....I keep yelling at him to hang on.......shaking him....yelling for help from the neighbors....but no one responds....not the jogger, not the neighbors...only my kids in the car, screaming hysterically, watching the whole thing go down...seeing mommy panic, hearing the sirens wailing as they get closer.

And then it happens.....he stops breathing all together.....he's looking gray.....Oh **** what am I supposed to do? The ambulance pulls up and I move away....his blood on my hands...on my face from listening for his breath.

They immediately start CPR and call a code....everyone is asking me questions....what happened...what's his long....and my answer is the same each time....I don't know what happened...or who he is....or how long he's been unconscious. They quickly load him into the ambulance and that's the last I see of the stranger.

The police take my statement and get my contact information. I'm shaking...but know I have to pull my **** together and deal with the kids. We continue on to our original destination, the pool. I don't remember much about our time at the pool, but on the way home, I stop by the fire station, hoping that someone will let me know the outcome......and that's when I learn, this stranger, probably a neighbor of mine, has died.....he took his last breath while I was yelling at him..
deedee4 deedee4
36-40, F
Aug 8, 2010