Borrowed From Nathaniel Lewis, Boston Merchant

What's fame, a life in others' breath,
A thing beyond us even before our death.
A wit's a feather, and a chief's a rod,
but an honest man's the noble work of God.
WildeOscar WildeOscar 51-55, M 3 Responses Jun 21, 2011

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Quercus, beautiful. We seem to share a similar honesty, one that serves us well. No farewells.

Merchant Lewis died in1778, and I borrowed this, but didn't plan on using it in any permanet sense anytime soon. Feathers you say? Mental note...

Milky thinks this is lovely. She would lay a little daisy chain on your grave every year on the date of your death and cry a bit at the thought you were gone. Honest men are hard to come by. Especially honest men who are such good writers. Please don't die any time soon.


PS Don't knock a wit; Milky loves being tickled with feathers.