It Was Fun While It Lasted

**** it, just **** it. **** it. I had a very good time while alive....

"Here lies an intellectual psychopath who was hell-bent on leisurely passing through life and doing whatever the **** he pleased, if you can read this; get the **** away, you're standing on his ******* body. Why the **** are you reading this, have you no life? I am dead, leave it at that. Jesus ******* Christ...oh yeah, suck it, ************! I never paid you back and ya sure as hell aint gettin' the money now. Sucker. Bet ya miss me now? No, doubt it. Still **** you though, not like I give a ****. I'm ******* dead! **** it, say whatever you want! Not like I can hear your ***! See your *** is hell, babe"

I'm gonna need a BIG tombstone to write that but then again I aint paying for the scripture so **** it!
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Jan 15, 2013