I Want to Be Cremated, But Here Goes..

"She tried to leave the world a better place before she left it."

choctawgrrrl choctawgrrrl
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4 Responses Mar 17, 2009

Nope..No tombstone anytime soon..It was strictly hyothetical!<br />
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I'm with you Nude...I always thought that my passing would be accompanied by a big party...A Nawlins-style bash with lots of laughter and celebration. Good music is essential as well as good food. (We southerners are known for this!)<br />
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My best friend told me she wanted to her ashes put into a douchebag so she could "get some P@ssy one more time." I almost dropped my coffee cup along with the phone!<br />
What a way to go..*evil grin*

C-Grrl, no tombstone any time soon, please. Let's talk.<br />
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Mine, there will be none. I want the toast and toss, fry my naked booty and spread it to the wind, from a hot air balloon over a nudist resort in the mountains. And if you want a memorial to come "visit" me, plant a tree instead.

What my tombstone would say..that is if I were to have one and IF I were to die...Too ornery though as you guys all know! *wink*

"Wait, what...?"