I think my worst mistake in life was allowing myself to become estranged from my family.  I missed so much in those 6 years of my life.  If I had it to do over again I would have done more to keep that bond going because once you lose it you never get it back again.  If anyone were to ask me if any argument is worth losing your family I would tell them HELL NO! 

For those of you that are not aware, I recently reconciled with most of my family.  I came back to a lot of death and health issues that I am helping everyone deal with at this point which makes that reconciliation even harder.  If you have a family hold tight to them and make sure they know you love them each and every day of your life. 

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Well i already did the biggest mistake in my life by loosing and breaking down my relationship with my family. Now, and after more then 5 year, I'm hunted every day by nightmare and conscience suffering. Tortured by a strange feeling that make me lie down on my knees and suffer. Every day, every minute I think about what I did I'm really sorry I feel it and I mean it . . . I just don't know what to do any more and how to act, what is the reason in all this and how could I do such stupid ugly step in my life . . God I wish if someone could just help me or leading me to the way where I could restore what I've lost. . . And now there is no hope, I just lost my faith and all my believes and I always feel so lonely . . .

Robyn, Good point on the blood is thicker than water because today I consider Silver01TA, Snowy, AllRog, GMZ, and HeavenBesideYou my family and I am closer to them than anyone. I know my family will hurt me again but they need me for now. <br />
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Chris, I know it hurts.<br />
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M&M, was the child your daughter, and if so, have you ever met her face to face. I hope that this does not cause you pain when you think of it.<br />
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Thanks Mismadam<br />
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BB, thanks sweetie. I am okay though.<br />
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Ar, good points!!!<br />
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I hope I didn't miss anyone. i am using the cell again and sometimes miss comments.

Keep your self as best as u can.<br />
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We must do what is best most comfortable for each of us.<br />
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Family can be important but not at the cost of self.

I learned family is not what you are born into but what you make. I walked away from every bond i had at one point in time. If i could go back and change it i still wouldn't. Bonds can be repaired. Once broken they can become even stronger then before. I stick to this fact. No pain no gain. The harder something is to achieve the more value it has.

I have both types of people in my family. I spent so many years trying to disassociate myself from the bad ones that I forgot the good ones. It is really sad because my family walked away from me, rather than me walking away from them. It doesn't matter who is right or wrong. Everyone is hurt.

In my case, this was so true. On the other hand, I know people whose families are so toxic, that their only salvation is to avoid them.