My Worst Mistake In My Life

Marrying an abusive man is the worst mistake I made and having children is the second worst.  Both incidents have ruined who I was and can never be again.

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I was there and i understand how you feel.We have to do our best to take care of ourselves and God will do the rest.

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there s always tomorrow.. remember erin brokovich?:) you can get out of your past pain by simply foccussing on your future.. all the best!!

Guess what?<br />
I have made 2 major mistakes in my life<br />
1. marrying X<br />
2. having his child.<br />
Both these people have emotionally abused me and ruined my life<br />
<br />
So I understand what you are saying too and it's such a relief to talk about it.<br />
<br />
msdivine has offered to listen and so do I.

CAN I HELP!<br />
<br />
I can listen! I have been there!