Deciding I Was Finished

My worst mistake, about fifteen years ago, was deciding that I'd done everything that was worth doing. Not.

Almost made that mistake again late last year, but my wife left me with some "honey-dos" to take care of first -- and how about that, it's springtime again!

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3 Responses Mar 16, 2009

Thanks for all your comments ... seems like the whole world has changed since I wrote this paragraph. <br />
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I will never forget the promises I made to her, AlDente, I am sure of that. (I may not achieve them all -- one has to do with a grandchild yet to be conceived, for example -- but I will try.)<br />
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Youwhodanceintherain, one of the shockers I learned from a counselor during my late wife's final years -- thought I was inured to the behavior of males in our cultural, but -- many s/o's desert their wives when breast cancer strikes. For "men" like that, my only response is to push them outside the fire ring of civilized humanity and let them fight their own battles with the demons of the dark.<br />
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KiwigirlAnj, agreed -- but so painful, and so much loss. Better to learn from other's mistakes, I think, and to share the stories of ours so that others can benefit.<br />
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Peace --

the worst mistake turned out to be the best lesson.

Keep going, windlion, keep going! :)