Another Coin In the Juke Box?

        If you could fill a juke box with music from any era,


What would 

                       your choices be ? 

                                        Keep in mind that instrumentals are included as well!

mzdivine mzdivine
8 Responses Mar 22, 2009

GReat Selection!

neapolitan songs, diana krall, the chieftains, u2, sting, helen o'hara, sinead o'connor, eros ramazotti, andrea bocelli, ... eh i need to get more coins :)

oh no! DJD's juke box would take up some space and span some genres,guaranteed.I've got few James Brown 45's that came from old jukeboxes,they're beat up but I just love'em. think of how many maltshop kisses those inspired.So considering the form and era it engenders,I'd have to say Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley belong on every jukebox in the known universe,they aint never goin'outta style.<br />
Of course my devious little mind would also have a whole juke box devoted to UK punk (77-79 thank you),an entire Juke with real authentic Delta Blues,a section set aside for Frank Zappa,a stack of N'awlins classics,80's dance hits(dude,I was there!)...of course my hero Lee Perry could fill several shelves with the black ark years alone...and of course I can't forget serious steppas selections,plenty of choice ska(decorated accordingly)s.f.psych,garage/psych,Roland Kirk!Sun Ra!and how could I overlook The Residents and in fact all the fine and noisy Ralph can keep going,but suffice it to say I like different sorts of music and enjoy inflicting it on anyone who cares to listen.thanks,mzd for a fine topic.<br />
p.s. yes-gospel,early rap,oddball soundtracks and a few old commercials to laugh at.smooth jazz has no place on my playlist-unless pretty girls ask for it nicely.

Wow, What a mixture!

80s Music + Jimi Hendrix, Beatles, Elvis and Sinatra.

Sounds good, JoJo!

My jukebox would be filled with music from every era. Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, ragtime, swing, crooners, 50's, 60's 70's 80's 90's and 2000's rock and pop, smooth jazz, instrumentals, soundtracks, Italian, Progressive rock, blues. Just no country, death metal, rap and gospel. Hey, wait, that's my mp3 pla<x>yer, 2500 songs and adding weekly! And just think, no commercials! I can listen to what *I* want to hear!

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