Whats On My Mind Today.....

basically random crap lol..... well today was a really confused day.......

I got to work to have my favorite boss who always tells me really funny *** jokes be in a bad mood ....mood kill :( and then the builder dude that always smiles at me didnt even say hi......bigger mood kill.....and then i read a upsetting status on Facebook, and then it gets removed yet im still in the dark...sigh*
i deleted my ex's number off of my phone, good thing to, wanted to text hi today, and then i go to coffee with my mom and she is so understanding that i cant get why the woman doesnt disown me or atleast scream *sigh*

i live in utter confusion in my head and heart........ i wish i could have played this for somebody....but i found it to late :(


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1 Response May 22, 2012

We all have days like this now and then. Good song, though :).