I Wonder Sometimes....

how my life would have turned out if i made different choices. I wonder if other people think the same thing? I wonder if i made the *other* choice if my life would have been happier or less complicated or did i make the less complicated choice? what if i didnt get serious with my husband when i was just 19? what if i waited a few more years and not gotten married at 22? what if i chose better friends when i was younger....

alot of people here will only be learning now that i have such a thing as a husband. I apologize if that upset anybody, but him and i, its a dark & hurtful part of my life, i love him, i truly do......but in love......that question is lately un answered.....

life has so many what if's. what if i didnt meet him, what if i said no and not yes..what if..

I dont know if i should focus so much on this as the past is the past and there is nothing i can do to change it. strange how we as people say what if about things that made us unhappy, but what if i didnt do those thing...would i have had the good memories & happy parts to?? My mom told me something the other day...told me im impulsive in the things i do..and it is really true. i have decided to think things thru for a change and not just jump. If i think about my past the wrong things i did , i did for the rush, the feeling..not because i thought it thru.

so my lesson for myself today is to think before i do.


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2 Responses May 22, 2012

Yes I hear you ! While it's not great to examine all of our life choices , I'm learning as I get older that it's the forks or sliding doors that scare u looking back . I can see two where I could have got more positive results. Best to be philosophical and look forward but know that it's not always gonna be the best choice, but that's ok .

i think those things to magic but i wouldnt even if i could cause i wouldnt have the wonderful friends tht i do today. like u n ediez just for starters ;) as for u being married *smiles n shrugs* its ur life. live it the way u want to n not the way somebody else wants u to *hugs*

anytime magic ;)