This Is To You Friend....

The time has come for me to say makes me so sad to say goodbye to you....but i have to.

You see i have been using experience project as my hiding place, the place where i come to shy away from my world. Lately i have been noticing that i am here more & more often and i forget to live my own life.....its easier here....then out there.

I have chosen my birthday (31 May 2012) to say goodbye. On midnight i will ask for my account to be deleted and i will not be looking back. I have been thinking lately , about so many things, my life, my passions, my marriage, to name a few, and i need to give those things my all.

I want to thank you for the chats, the messages, the advice, the laughs.....the wonderful memories i will keep in my heart.
May your days be bright and a smile always on your face...
this is a sad goodbye.....

all my love


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6 Responses May 23, 2012

there are no words that could mean enough from me to let u know what u mean and ment to me from ur constant askin of me to post ur favorite wrestlers avi's to bring a smile to ur face to our pms in between us it is hard to say goodbye so i wont it'll be like we went a really long time with out seeing each other ur loyalty to ur friends is a quality very few pple posses the fact u that u know when someones down and u can pick them up with just a word or a comment is something thatll be truly missed i will rember u for u and for being u thank u for being a bright spot in my life thank u missblackmagic

yes we sure have havent we?

I'm gutted! We aren't friends but I've often read what you have written, so sorry to see you go, but I can only hope real life is good to you, do what you need to do for you, and remember we are all still here for you if you want to come back.

You do, Ediez has me E-mail should you ever wish to talk to this particular nut job! We'll miss you.

On the one hand, I am sad, because I'll miss you.<br />
<br />
On the other, I am happy that you have a good reason to leave. Life away from the computer is the part of life that is most important.<br />
<br />

=( im gonna miss ya magic but i understand that youve got to do what needs to be done. perhaps someday youll come back to ep n see us *hugs* i hope you get what your heart desires =)

=) i do what i feel is right magic n the same can be said of you being a great friend also. maybe instead of deleting your account maybe put it on vacation n take care of the things that you need to. that way if things get really rough on you, you can come here for comfort n support from all your friends here. just saying is all.

=( Im gonna miss my Ziggy

&lt;3 you too.

I'll miss all your stories, the goofy ones and the more serious ones. *hugs*