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My Time Has Come.........

So my time has come.....this is my last story i will post on last swan song if you will....

Thank you for everything...thank you for taking the time to get to know me and excepting me for who i am.
maybe one day our paths will cross again......maybe this truly is the last time we will speak.

This place came into my life at the right time, but now it is time for me to live a life without ep.

tears are rolling down my face as i type, i didnt think this would be so hard. you guys made me trust in me again,
learning that being me is good enough!!

thank you for everything....
God bless


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Good Luck and bon voyage .

MissMagic: Though I do not know you like these others...My heart is a bit heavier at your departure...Good fortune and a better life than ever before...Kisses...*waving bye*

goodbye good luck in your endevors in life

I think I missed out on knowing an amazing wishes to you....<br />
<br />
(this story brought tears to my eyes....)

May God Bless You as you continue your journey, and may it be one of peace and enlightenment.

You know how I feel. :-(<br />
<br />
I'll miss you.

God bless you too ;-((

good bye miss magic i hope you find your path you leave behind your words of care x

Just think, the things you've said here today could inspire people to heal. And those people will share this story with others, and those people will share with others so that this world will be nothing but happiness

There is a time for everything and when that time has passed, it becomes time to move on. It is sad that you've chosen to leave, deleting everything and all record of those you've touched and those who've touched you rather than putting your account on vacation, there to return to should you one day choose to do so. Still...<br />
<br />
♫ Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end ♫<br />
<br />
So long and fare well, MissBlackMagic; you will be missed.

ive got tears in my eyes after reading this magic =(... *hugs*

i adore you too magic. i wish you the best of luck n your hearts desire to come true =) *hugs*

Womble wishes you good luck in your endevours.. take care of yaself..

Bye my sweet princess :)

=( *hugs*

will miss you loads