It Is

A photo of three of my friends and one of them is holding a miniature version of me in her hand and the others are peering at it intensely as if they couldn't believe their eyes.  It was a picture taken while they were checking out a photo on my cellphone, though I can't remember what photo, and I edited it on photoshop after of course. It's really cute.

tearaway tearaway
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2 Responses Oct 13, 2008

The Beatles probably put the Erdbeere (that's German for strawberry) up there. Or something musical. It's gotta fit the pattern..

This story is lonely. Nobody commented on it at all! I'm dedicated to creepily stalking your posts so here I am.<br />
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My desktop has a super-closeup of strawberry pips. I... don't know why. I don't remember putting it there...<br />
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Before that it was a picture of the band ELO looking intimidating in their 1975 white fros and bell bottoms and what not with the caption I added: "Prepare To Get ****** Up." It's sheer terror. Also a winner is a photo of Robbie Robertson of The Band being given an award for the Last Waltz and he looks totally wasted and disinterested with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth with the caption "Keep It Real." I went through a phase of making goofy desktops for a while haha. Its so fun. <br />
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Oh! And the three penguins that I photoshopped... they have "bling" now. Big rapper necklaces and stuff with the caption "North Side, *******." Or the one of the Bumble from Rudolph eating Joe Pesci. <br />
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Wow, I'm a loser.