Field of Flowers

The "wallpaper" is currently a girl's head, peeping out of a large field of bright yellow flowers. When I once did a presentation to some bio-medical people, they didn't seem to see the beauty of the scene: they wondered why the girl wasn't sneezing and then talked about pollen allergies!

The screensaver is currently a collection of photos of people I know and places I have visited. Every so often, I'll add a few and (less often) remove some. They are quite hypnotic, once they begin! Others quite enjoy them, too!

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LOL I really ought to display the picture, I suppose!

LOL, FH. Your current mood is posted as "hot", so you probably don't need pictures of summer flowers to cheer you up on a cold day!

Ahhhh Choo!

It is, especially at this wintry time of year!

A fascinating site, nudie, which I will enjoy exploring. We are completely incapable of getting our brains around either the number of stars in the galaxy (let alone the universe) or the distances involved. 60 million light years is beyond the comprehension of beings who might typically live around 80 years!

My wallpaper is the Vampire Lestat.

My screensaver is a recently discovered (by the Hubble Telescope), barred spiral galaxy, named NGC 1672.

This pic is awesome, for anyone who is just fascinated by the stars in the sky. You can find it here ..

You don't even have to be astronomically inclined, to get awed by the mind-boggling size, depth, distance, and colour in this distant galaxy.

This galaxy is .. wait for it .. 60 MILLION light years away .. I find this space telescope pic very humbling .. it makes you realise that Planet Earth is just microscopic in the overall Universe ........