My Background???

My computer background is the last pic of her. It is her in schackles, in the sheriffs van, all strung out. I have that there because.. 1. It was the last pic I have of her when she was mine, and I was her's.... 2. So I can see what her addict looks like, what it did to me, to her, to our daughter, to us... 3. So that when my heart screams out for her, I can see that the woman that I loved, love... Never realy existed. So that when im breaking, I can see what "my angel" had become. 4. So I can see it in living color that everything she ever said to me was a lie. That she never truly loved me. That I was never the "one". 5. So I can see what a true ******* piece of **** she really is. To see her for the white trash, scumbag ***** she really and truly is. 6. So im reminded of all the willfull pain she caused me. So I remember all the lies she told me. So I never forget all the deception, all the abuse she did to me. So I never forget that she cheated on me... 7. So I am reminded that, that ******* ***** stole and kidnaped my daughter. 8. So I can see that it was her that ****** it all up. 9. So I never forget that, that ***** took everything that ever ment anything to me away, including herself. 10. So I have a reason each and every day to succeed....
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i hear you and wish i had something like that to remind me of what was mine


im glad you liked it, i think.....

Very intense! It is like poetry! Poetry I can appreciate. Thanks for sharing :)

and whats that mean??

Hey, Unbalanced dude!<br />
If you're really weirded out about this old love of yours, I could be your therapist - but not for free! lol x

That didn't freak me out, why would you think that??

sorry if that freaked you out at all


To hear how much she has hurt you, to realize that she has truly pulled apart your soul without mercy, it makes me sick, and i forget that i do not truly know you but in some way i know a little bit of the pain you know i will not un like many others pretend to know all the pain and heart ache and hell you have been through but i have been through my own and for that i reach out to you and hold you in my arms <br />
those wounds you tend to each day may never heal not with time and not with the love of another but i will do my damndest i will try with everything thing i have every fiber of my being to make life some what more bearable for you if you so desire to take the hand i reach out to you now for i know what it is like to be so broken and empty and dead inside all alone

You bet your ******* *** it is!!!!<br />
When I wake up in the middle of the night, freeked out about a nightmare about her, I walk over to my computer and she her for who she really is.<br />
Yes, yes, yes and yes, it is working!!!

Is it working?