It's All About Love.

I found out I was pregnant two days before my first wedding anniversary and she was born 3days after my I always tell my daughter that she is the best anniversary and birthday rolled into one.  I know this sounds corny but anything that my daughter writes for me means the world to me.  I look forward to her annual Mother's Day poems.  I'm amused at how she captures different aspects of my  personality. 

From my ex, a pair of diamond stud earrings.  It was an absolute surprise.  The earrings reminds me of how in love we use to be.  I remember him talking about his love for me while I was opening the box.  It could have been a box of crackers and I would have cherished it.

From my parents, my monopoly game I wanted so badly.  And mostly all the lessons I learned and the love and security I had because of their marriage.

From my big brother, my opal ring that he paid a lot of money for. Didn't think he would actually buy it for me.  And all the rides he didn't have to give my friends and I because we didn't drive.

From my little sister, all the presents she showered me with the Christmas she first got a job.  It was about time YOU spent all your money on ME!

One of my Lynch Mob members bought me my airline ticket when my father died.  She simply didn't want me to have to think about having to make travel arrangements because I was so distraught.   

After filing for divorce last summer, my then husband decided that he wouldn't give me any money.  Since I work at a school, I have summers off.  One of my West Coast Lynch Mob members wrote out a check so my daughter and I didn't have to worry about getting through the summer. 

The friendships that I have with my Lynch Mob.  We love and support each other unconditionally.  All the times you took care of my daughter and I. 

Note: I have a circle of friends that I refer to as my Lynch Mob on both coasts (West/East Coast of US).  I lovingly refer to them as the Lynch Mob because they act like a bunch of wild pitbulls ready to attack if anyone hurts me. I have to keep an extremely healthy distance from them and my EX.    

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May 11, 2010