I was 19 and pregnant with my oldest son, and was having a hard time. The man i was married to could never keep a job and our electricity had just been shut off...not to mention we were low on groceries. My mother had been asking for weeks for us to go to church with her (this is a church i grew up in, but didn't want to go back to.) Anyways we ended up going...i was pretty depressed and just not into the service...afterwards while walking out a woman i had never met in my life walked up to me and asked if she could have a word with me. I was a little scared, however i said ok...she pulled me to the side and pressed something into my hand all the while keeping eye contact with me...she began to tell me that she felt like god was telling her that i was having a very rough time right now and i needed some help  We talked for a few more minutes and then i turned to leave. My mother grabbed my hand and we walked to the car...I got into the car and had completely forgotten about what was in my hand...i looked down and open my hand and in it was a check....feeling tears run down my cheeks I opened it. I read 30.00.....so i thought atleast that will get us some food, but at a second look i noticed it said 300.00!!! I started screamin for my mother to get in the car...as she did I told her how much the check was for and she started laughing and said...see just when you think there is no light and no hope.....I will never forget the impression that this woman made...for someone who has never met you, to give so freely....I wish there were more people like this in the world.

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Angels are all around us just waiting to help when we most need it. Thank you for sharing this story, it is inspiring!