The Girl In Gray

My picture of the white female wearing a gray top and black shorts with her abdomen exposed is not me. So why her picture?

It's simple really, I didn't want to use a real picture of myself and I wanted to incorperate the color gray in my picture. I looked for different pictures online and none really grabed me, at least none with people in them. Then I came across this picture and it grabed me for different reasons then just the fact that she was wearing a gray shirt. She clearly has what most call the "ideal" body type. In real life I do not have that body or anything remotly close to it. I decided on this picture because I wanted to display the very best of my inner self and I feel that if my inner self were materialized it would have a body like hers.

Body Image is a huge deal for my as I have struggled with mine for many years. I wanted to use this photo a girl who has what I believe is the ideal body so that whenever I log on here, whenever I see it I'll be reminded that it isn't me in that photo but one day it could be.

Her photo and it's use as my profile picture is not ment to ingnite any kind of sexualized fantasy or led others to believe that I am easy or that I am here for that kind of "fun". The use of this photo is purly innocent and deeply personal. I wish people could see this photo as innocently as I do but I guess that is too much to ask. Just because others prefer to look at my profile pic and think the absolute worst of me based on it doesn't mean I'm going to change it though. If I did change it I would only be saying that they were right, they aren't. If I change I would be depriving myself of that need to improve and be better.

So I'm not going ot change it and I'm not sorry about that. Maybe everyone else needs to open thier minds and change thier perspective.
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2 Responses Jul 28, 2011

I am shy also....... but in a few months I intend to put a real picture online!!!

It's YOUR business what you choose for a profile picture. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. We're all here for different reasons. I hope this place helps you reach your goals.