The Bottom Risk-taker (?)....

The Risk Taker
The Risk Taker needs an adrenaline rush to feel true sexual excitement. If it's forbidden, you're the first in line to give it a try. Defying social conventions turns you on like nothing else. If it's liable to get you fired, divorced, or ex- communicated, you're into it. You're not likely to "listen to reason" because level-headedness is at odds with your needs. Many risk-takers practice some form of danger-seeking in their daily lives, but some of them only fantasize about it. Danger is an aphrodisiac to you, and you are drawn to it in and out of bed.

They always say to go with your first choice answer for multiple choice questions, but damn! it was hard to choose between a couple of the answers. I wanted to take it a second time and, at first, it wouldn't let me. ('Let me' being the operative words, as I think I may have a slightly submissive side to me.)

I did get to take it a second time with the other answers I would have chosen, here is my latent personality...

The Bottom
The Bottom is happiest sexually when being told what to do. Abandonment of mind and body is what gives you the most pleasure in bed. You look for ways to prove your commitment to your lovers, often testing your own boundaries to their limits (and beyond) in the process. Enduring physical pain to prove your devotion is not at all unusual for your erotic type. In fact, it's standard. The Bottom functions on a highly emotional level, closely linking the physical with the spiritual and intellectual. Therefore, sex for you is an all-consuming experience.
roughNready roughNready
51-55, F
Jul 20, 2010