The BottomThe Bottom is happiest sexually when being told what to do. Abandonment of mind and body is what gives you the most pleasure in bed. You look for ways to prove your commitment to your lovers, often testing your own boundaries to their limits (and beyond) in the process. Enduring physical pain to prove your devotion is not at all unusual for your erotic type. In fact, it's standard. The Bottom functions on a highly emotional level, closely linking the physical with the spiritual and intellectual. Therefore, sex for you is an all-consuming experience.
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2 Responses Jul 25, 2010

Hehe, I don't know I have just always loved having the other person in control. However, as Margaret Cho said, I don't if its because it turns me on or if its just because I'm lazy! haha!

more str8 couples are into bottom ven us gays yet as soon as we say gay its ther first thout lol,,<br />
<br />
personally bottom is so not somthng i like i so dont see the pleasure within it <br />
thou i know alot of gal friends who love it..<br />
<br />
i guess if you can handle the first 10 minutes you somewhat can enjoy it lol..