When having sex, I get a little animalistic, clawing, scratching (drawing blood), biting, purring etc. On the other hand, I can be very submissive and love having someone else take control of me and having me do whatever they please.
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Hehehe, I'm a guy and I love being primal and an animal with them, it's sooo much fun :) biting them and scratching them up, funny thing is I seem to be the only GUY who likes doing it. Every other guy I hear about is "F-- this F-- that, in her ---" Give a girl something unique and fun, and will make her come back for more (I don't do relationships, so this is how I keep them) =) *rawrs*

sex is wasted on the young, they have no concept of what is erotic, its all 'wham bam thank you mam'<br />
I enjoy finding a youthful male virgin of the age of consent and spending a day with them showing them how to truly pleasure a woman whilst taking pleasure themselves, and hopefully they go out into the world and eventually find a life-partner who they can relate too and fulfil sensually and sexually

What a deliciously naughty civic minded picture this is. Although saying "sex is wasted on the young" is a bit broad, how I yearned at that age for just such a woman to appear and guide me through the maze of unquenched lust, unguided confusion, and guilt for unspoken forbidden desires. As i awkwardly stumbled and emerged, as most of us, largely unscathed, it strikes me now that to guide and encourage giving pleasure to receive it has no age or gender boundaries.

I agree nomad0007.

In another time, young men of wealthy families were taken to a bordello to receive a sexual education. Maybe that practice should be reinstituted... hell, make it part of the public education system... (LOL! No, I'm not serious).

interestin point well in my mind it is the foreplay aktualy that counts and by bulding up and playing relaxed and play on the eage fore a long time this bomb is going to exslode bigtime and a time again thats the magic of it fly away

Listen all I have to say is you learn by doing, dont start super young but def dont wait forever sex is a great thing... Hot and rough sex makes your heart strong so you live longer... just saying

Sex at your age is high--- but wait till your in your early 35----45 and knowing all about your "G-SPOI" and being able to squirt with ****** ---then you will go far more wild ---TED

I find it hard to believe you're not interested in sex! I doubt it's due to your age though, know of any real reason?

i am not intrested sex<br />
you know maybe because of my age im just 18 or maybe because i didnt havent had any exprience