I should start by telling you I have had a panty fetish ever since I can remember.  Many years ago my g/f and I laying on the bed having just finished. She went to her closet to get dressed,  we were going out to dinner.   When I saw a shoe box on the floor with the lid half open and I saw pictures. I thought I would checkout her photos while she got dressed.

Inside the box were pictures of her and old boyfriends having sex.  At first I was shocked then I got excited.  One guy had just left a large deposit on her chest after she had given him oral pleasures. Another guy taking her from behind and a few up skirt (no panties) and so on.  There was still another of her getting a facial and hair cream, this guy really could shoot.  I was getting really turned on by the second

She turned around with a pair of panties  and saw I was looking at her pictures.   She said "I was going to throw those away, there my old boyfriends" It was obvious how horny I was getting. Anyway, she slipped her yellow panties up my legs as I was putting the pictures away. We went out for dinner and I was hard as a rock the entire time.

At dinner we talked about her pictures.  I told her it was very exciting and she started to rub me through my jeans and panties.  We broke up over something stupid and I never got to finish my fantasy.  I wanted to be in her closet, male chastity device on (so I wouldn't make a mess in her closet or too much noise) and have her bring a guy home.  I wanted to see, hear and smell everything and later taste.  Sometimes as I am taking care of business by myself I still think of those hot pictures and how hot she was.
justintherightplace justintherightplace
56-60, M
May 21, 2012