The Url Is Here

I joined this group mainly to slap a URL on it so that other people could find this interesting test!

It reckons that I am

The Romantic

The Romantic can think of nothing more erotic than being saved by someone. You aren't necessarily helpless, but the thought of being rescued makes you feel desirable and sexy. You need to feel sought-after and practically worshipped before sex can be on the agenda. You prefer partners who not only make passionate love to you, but also who'll know how to please you without any instruction whatsoever. Your lover's sexual finesse inspires you and heightens your own capacity for sexual pleasure. You're especially fond of people who can read you and deliver the sexual excitement you secretly desire.

I'd like to think this is true but I know I don't need the sought-after/worship business for sex to be on the agenda ;-)

rojblake rojblake
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35 Responses Mar 15, 2010

lol. I obviously haven't been around much! The only other couple I knew about was WIB and MIB.

What about WomaninBliss and ManinBliss???<br />
And Amber and Polly have something going on?<br />
And there are others too :)<br />
Maybe there aren't so many actually married to eachother and living together though...

Hey Roj! AP says we're hot - don't disagree with him - he should know look at his profession :)<br />
<br />
Funny, I don't know any other couple on here, does anyone else....Ha! Maybe that's why we are the hottest couple...there are no others lol

Sylph I've checked blogthings and they didn't have anything under 'erotic'. Maybe some other word?

AP... Would the sending of e-mails between each other 1.5 meters apart a male bonding thing?<br />
Just curious........<br />
<br />
Roj...... we have to check blogthings if they have something similar. I haven't though..... but we'll let each other know, okay?............ Geez, what a bunch of blogthings addicts we are, ay?

lol AP<br />
<br />
We fight over one computer when the kids are awake, because we don't really like them looking over our shoulder. <br />
<br />
In the evenings we can get two going and it's open slather.<br />
<br />
Don't know about *hot* thought ;-)

Gawd Sylph. How do we find out if we really have the same erotic personality??? Is there a blogthings version of the test?

Not reliable???........ and to think I got the same result as you!

Yeah... not blogthings... totally unreliable!

ok i got it but it was way off

That's the one, K! Good luck - hope ivillage comes up with the goods - but you have to realise that it's not blogthings ;-)<br />
<br />
Nowhere near as reliable .?

by browser you mean the little box that has my www addresses? ok i will try again....yes eager i am but also careful lol...

Hey K, I just copied the link from the story and pasted it into my browser (it's not a hyperlink) and it worked OK??? Maybe you are a tad too eager and have left a crucial letter off???

i tried and was not connected to the link i went to ivillage but the quiz wasn't here :P..we are so eager to get these results i think it tells me something about the present state of our erotic lives ;)

Your name is Wildgirl in my head, WG. Just a pity it might attract the wrong sort of people... like me for instance...

Okay...I've got to go, nice to see you on. xx WG

Hang on...maybe I shouldn't.........just thought of the pervs......LOL!

LOL...I can see it happening...<br />
<br />
I took the test...ended up as a Romantic like Roj......but.....different explanations...hmm...will post it, ok?

Thought of changing my name to Wlidgirl but can you imagine the line up of perverts wanting to befriend me!! Great.

A *Romantic* and a *Risk-Taker*......I'd say it's perfect! :)<br />
<br />
LOL, WG.........maybe you could change your name to ........oh yeah, must keep the romantic true...

That's right ;-)

Oh, ESPECIALLY yours Roj! We couldn't have your romantic innocence shattered....Mr Mature Groups...

... or mine...

lol Lilly....I could re-write the kuma-sutra with all the amazing positions and risky stories. I have...but I don't want to destroy your romantic innocence ;)

This may be a topic for some interesting pms between you two, Lilly.<br />
<br />
Lest WG gets blocked<br />
<br />
Though she would have to try pretty hard!

I'd be blocked and flagged for sure! And I couldn't have that now could I ;) ?

Maybe this test isn't so wrong after all!!!

Well, well, well....surprise, surprise...<br />
<br />
The Risk-Taker<br />
The Risk-Taker needs an adrenaline rush to feel true sexual excitement. If it's forbidden, you're the first in line to give it a try. Defying social conventions turns you on like nothing else. If it's liable to get you fired, divorced, or ex- communicated, you're into it. You're not likely to "listen to reason" because level-headedness is at odds with your needs. Many risk-takers practice some form of danger-seeking in their daily lives, but some of them only fantasize about it. Danger is an aphrodisiac to you, and you are drawn to it in and out of bed.

Maybe not all it's cracked up to be.<br />
<br />
After all, it isn't Blogthings, is it? That's the mark of a truly insightful 4 question quiz ;-)

Damn I got The Romantic as well. Which is totally wrong. Bogus test!

What were you, WG?


LOL. Just kidding.

You got the wrong partner.

I saw that comment on goodmove's story - it's what sent me here! 'Romantic' sounds good, anyway.<br />
<br />
Worshipping is all well and good, just not as necessary as this profile makes out.