I was born in South London, Camberwell to be precise

Grew up in Brixton before moving 2 miles up the hill to Streatham Hill

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i was born in illinois. i lived all over the state.

Born & raised in Washington DC, USA now live 80 miles south on the Chesapeake Bay

I live about 10 minutes from SaratogaGirl. Woo-hoo!!

Now I'm hungry... rummage, rummage... ahhhhh! A chocolate bar... all is well in the world again!

Saratoga Springs, NY. Right where the Adirondack Mountains begin. Potato Chips (crisps) were actually invented here! Woo-hooo!

I was born in Kansas City, KS. Now live in the KC suburbs in Missouri.

michigan here - 29 years

USA-California for 12 years<br />
<br />
Oregon for 43 years and living the same town for 30 years

I was born in East Stroudsburg Pennsylvania and raised there, then I moved to a town called cresco about 19 yrs ago it's about 13 miles away. People know this area as the poconos.

I live in Apple Valley, California. A little desert town. It is one of the cheapest places to live in So Cal.