Where Are You From? I'm From United States, Pa

I'm from a town about 45 mins outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It's a surburban town, German/Pennsylvania Dutch influenced. It's pretty quiet, the people are friendly, and nothing major happens here. I live pretty close to Hatfield Meats, which is a meat packing company, and my house is down the street from a cornfield. The highlight of my weekend is usually walking to Wa-Wa with my friends. (Wa-Wa is like a 7-11) A lot of times, I'll see foxes, deer, skunks, opssums and hawks in the middle of an intersection. It's really weird going into Philadelphia because of the noise, skyscrapers and a little poverty. It's nice to live where I live, because I know practically everyone in my neighborhood, and I can live in peace.

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2 Responses Jan 22, 2009

I have been to upstate ny, it's quite nice there and reminds me of home. we used to have cows here, but the land is being developed for businesses so some farms were sold. its kinda sad.

I am from up state ny .where the cows are the most exciting thing to happen but not really a bad place to live