Where Are You?

Theres so many decent people on here. I mean, its judgmental to say that I know. But in an anonymous environment like this its probably fair to say many of you are being yourself. So where the hell do you hide during the day? Or do we all just coop ourselves up, or do we all pretend to be someone else during the day for the sake of conforming?

Or is it we are afraid to be ourselves because of...ourselves? I mean, are we good people but forget what we are capable of? If we saw a little girl about to get run over by a car and we could push her out of the way, but most of us wouldnt because we would already have convinced ourselves of certain failure? How many of us freeze up at the opportunity to do something good, even something small? Is this why the world seems so mean and harsh? Theres good people, but its harder to show the world that we are good than it is to pretend we are just as bad as everyone else - then we've all just created a domino effect...

Man, Im aware that doesnt make a lot of sense, feel free to re-write it. But I think you know what I mean.

FallToPieces FallToPieces
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3 Responses Mar 20, 2009

yes, its a strange world indeed!!!

I dont get those people who think its a bad thing to be nice, I wonder what possible logic they could have. Its a strange world out there...

i get what you mean!! its like im a nice guy, but ive been told by many women that im too nice, and theres a lot of women that dont like that in a guy, but i will never change, cos i am who i am!! and i hate it when people do things, just to be popular!! theres a lot of fake people around these days, and im just proud to say, that i am who i am, and if you dont like it then get lost!!! and i like you, also wonder where all the nice people have gone!! it doesnt cost anything to be nice!!