Are They Written In Sand Or Chiseled In Stone?

When I think of drawing the line it reminds me of a saying, “drawing a line in the sand.”  Why do we draw it in the sand?  Won’t the tide just come along and erase the work we have done?  Do we really mean to set a boundary when we use this as an ultimatum?

There are some boundaries I would never cross, and they are chiseled in stone, such as cheating on my boyfriend, harming an animal or a child, or purposefully setting out to harm another human being; I call these my non-negotiables. I have certain things that I might draw a line for and claiming I would never do, saying I draw a line in the sand at that point but in all honesty in some circumstances I might be persuaded.  So where do you draw a line?  Do you draw it in sand or is it chiseled in stone?

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LOL it is just like dropping your panties. You don't do that for everyone but there are those that can talk you into it lol.

If it is negotiable, then why draw lines? I guess it is the art of negotiation, then, those sandy lines... ones meant to move.


LOL that is why those non negotiables are written in stone.

Drawing a line in the sand is a bit like bluffing, don't you think? You better make sure your *** can cash it is someone calls you on it.

I think you would like it.

I will have to go look at it.

If you look in my recent history of things i did, you will see i updated a story saying i have stupid friends. I have a prank in that one i think would be more your style. You should love it.

hehe of course. You are evil lol.

That brings a smile to my face.

You are more than a little evil lol.

Hopefully you liked them. I can be a little evil sometime. I love playing pranks.

Cool. I got them and commented on two of them.

okay i will get to looking and send you a pm when i find it.

Okay cool. link me.

You wont find the group without my help, but i can look through my stories to find the group if you want and send you a pm when i do.

LOL I will have to go look there in a few. After a late dinner. lol

Well it depends what you consider to be evil. Did i ever tell you any of the pranks i played on my friends? There is a group i have 3 stories all of my pranks i have done. No one else has a story so i filled it up.

I didn't think you would ever hurt me. You are my friend and friends aren't evil to each other lol.

I was just kidding with you FG i wouldn't cut your hair off even though you purposely tempted me to do so. <br />
<br />
On a more serious know i have my own life creeds i have made. My own life laws that i live by. I set high standards for myself and each line is drawn on stone, but each finger i have is like a jack hammer. I can take out that stone if i feel i was wrong.

What are the sandy ones? I may be able to find you a temptress. lol

There are things I will not do, places I won't go, etc. These lines are etched in stone, but I draw lines in the sand too.

Hehe! Ga!<br />
<br />
Ar, I don't think I could.

I think i could live with those repercussions.

My boyfriend would freak. He really doesn't want me to trim it much less shave it.

Now your head would of been perfectly fine had you not said anything but it is kind of funny. When ever i am told not to do something i all of a sudden have a desire to do it. Even when i would normally have no desire to do something i suddenly get it!

LOL y'all. Just don't shave my head Ar.

Haha arorin that would be funny!

On my friends heads? Is that okay? because i think it would be funny if they woke up with lots of lines on their heads.