I was born in South Africa but have lived in England for ten years. I have moved around a lot, lived in different areas and gone on loads of holidays in England. Yet I still havent seen everything I want to. My favorite holiday places so far in England would be Hastings, Newquay and The Isle of Wight. The beaches in England arnt all that great but if you are lucky you will get a few nice ones. Bournemouth being my favorite for just lounging on the beach. Yes it is mostly rainy and cold in England but there are also hot days. Being far from a beach right now I miss the rain. What wouldnt I recomend in England... the London Eye. It was interesting ,not exciting. Wich is what I tought it would be, thus the disappointment. What I love most about England... how green it is here. What I dislike the most.... not being able to see my best friend or family that I miss, as often as I would like.
Kaylarie Kaylarie
Jul 31, 2010