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A small town in Norway, where nature is everywhere. I love being able to go for long runs in the mountains, partly because a knee damage is making it difficult for me to run on hard ground like concrete and asphalt. So I run on grass and soft ground. Between all the mountains and hills there are lots of small lakes, sometimes on top of mountains too. I have a favourite one, I go there when I want peace and silence, noone else really goes there, cause it can be a bit hard to get to. I also love the fact that all of this is a 30 second walk away from my house, it takes five mins top to get to where houses can no longer be seen. Oh and the fjords! Now that's one thing worth seing. I've been to quite a few places, but few things beat this: http://www.rostrup.com/nina/pictures/inamads/prekestolen.jpg ..I've been there, and nothing beats that feeling of freedom mixed with fear of falling.

I found some pictures too. I know they're not very good, but I took them with my phone, and the camera isn't very good x]

A swan couple by a lake nearby. This was during winter last year.

This is parts of my home town at night =]
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Arorin: Yay more people!! Haha I hope you get here too sometime =P<br />
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Tuva: LOL niiiice x]<br />
(Note to myself: Buy a LOT of food before Tuva gets here..)<br />
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Jae: I really want to go to Australia sometime, that'd be awesome.

I live in Western Australia. Unlike NewYork, this is a place that sleeps a lot :P. Everything shuts down at 5 pm. Such a boring place, and yet so beautiful. I've also been to India and Malaysia

Actually, with all this jet lag, I have no appetite...well...maybe some toast....and jam...and cereal... <br />
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...actually, you know what, just keep the food coming.

My family is originally from Germany and Norway. I still have family in both places though I never been. I will get there one day though.

Hahaha it's 7.35 AM ...breakfast: toast with jam and some cereals ^_^

*knock, knock, knock*<br />
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"What's for dinner?"

Lemme know when I should expect you at my door =P

There are two places that I've always wanted to visit in my life. One is Japan, and the other is Scandinavia. I've always loved mountains and lakes and boreal forests, and you have them in spades. A great place to live!

^~^ It kinda is!