Western Washington State Of The United States On Planet Earth

I don't know about others, but knowing where someone is, is just as good as knowing someone's name.  Where you are is as much as who you are. (That is with me anyway.)

I'm on Planet Earth for Starts.  laugh  Can't believe I'm on Planet Earth most of the time. I so often don't feel like Earth is the Planet for me. But that is where we all are for Starts.  The Rest of the Universe has me wondering if anything can be better? And of course a lot of the Universe is even worse. It depends on how we adapt to our environment. The Chemistry of Life and how we are and what we like is all a matter of the Chemical Biological Make Up that we all are.

I like the cool and cloudy climate.  So I finally got myself to Western Coast of Washington State of June 2007.  This place is called the Rain Forest. That pretty much is what I really like about the climate. Stays in the 50's and 60's mostly all year round.  Glad I don't even see the 80's that much. I don't even like the 80's.

My Profile will also say where I am from:  Aberdeen, Hoquiam, Washington. Or for a wider range the County is what I like to say where I am from: Grays Harbor County. Here it's 20 miles from the Beach ... Ocean Shores or West Port.  Or 50 Miles South of the Olympic Rain Forest and Mountain. And is 90 - 100 miles West of the Major City ... Seattle. (Why there are still a lot of Sun Worshipers here, I don't know why and hate it.).

Not sure why people who want to see the Sun should be living here. I would like to designate this region for those who want cloudy and rainy weather the way it is meant to be. I don't think all of the United States being and should be or make it 100% ideal for clear and sunny weather for the whole Country.  There is already 90% of the United States that gets that, and for us who like it the other way around.  Well? Where else in this Country can we go to? Western Washington is the last other extreme and I like to have that last little bit for those options.  Less than 9% of the United States could find a climate being the opposite of Popular and Majority and Genre Lifestyle Interest.  Normal or what ever is considered for everyone is not.  And I like my lifestyle to have those unconventional and abnormal settings to live in. At least now I am in the climate I like best.
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Aug 1, 2010