Ticklish In a Lot of Places....lol...ok Not Everywhere

I am extremely ticklish on my feet, sides, and back. lol i still remember the day my friend decided to lightly stroke my back. i went berserk and started to thrash around. she was merciless to me and continued on to my sides and unfortunately a helper decided to volunteer and hold me down while she tickled me. i was lucky i didnt get in trouble because we were in a chinese assembly...lol

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u should add me so we can chat bout tickling

Hi - add me please? Would love to discuss tickling....

what difference is there in a chinese assembly

Hot story.

lol no they didn't

i am ticklish everywhere.. and i mean EVERYWHERE!! i think my favorite tickling time was with my 2 girl cousins when i was about 13. they convinced me to let them tickle me naked. they bet me that i wouldnt be able to last for 15 minutes if they both tickled me without any clothes on. well.. i won the bet but thats when i found out that i am ticklish everywhere. i stood in one place while they tickled and tickled all over me. i almost gave up when they tickled my sensitive parts but i didnt!!

Nice story:D. Im ticklish pretty much everywhere but especially on the backs of my knees and under my arms o.o.

9 :P

What about your sides?

hmm from a scale of 1-10 my feet would prob be a 7 :]