It Was Raining....

In November of 1963 I was in the 2nd grade. I remember the teachers seemed upset and preoccupied about something, though nothing was said to us. When school let out for the day, I went outside and it was pouring down rain. I lived about 15 blocks from the school and prepared to walk home as was my normal routine, when I noticed my mother's car. Surprised I got in and I saw that she'd been crying. When I questioned her, she replied that our President had been shot. I can remember feeling very sad, but my sorrow was in sympathy for my mother, not for the stranger, our president, who had been shot. We had a black and white television and I remember watching for days, first the live feed, then the replay of the horse drawn caisson draped in stars and stripes slowly making its way from the White House to the Capitol. I especially remember how sad I felt, seeing the President's wife, so pretty and dressed in black, holding the hands of her little children. As the casket was brought out of the Cathedral, John-John as the young son was called, lifted his hand in a crisp salute, an act that moved me, even as a young child myself, and made goose-bumps run up my arms. I remember someone commenting that his father's funeral was held on John-John's 3rd birthday which I also thought was very sad.  

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I was in school and was a sophmore in high school. There was alot of sadness at the<br />
assasination of President Kennedy, and it came right on the verge of the '64 presidential election.<br />
He was still a young man and I am still sad for him.

This was an easy one...I was born three days before the assassination of JFK....still in the hospital...and my Mom was both happy for me and terribly saddened by JFK

I wasn't created yet. I can remember the first time I heard about JFK though as I was in 2nd grade and we were talking about presidents. My second grade teacher said he and some of the other presidents were assassinated. I didn't know what that meant so I raised my hand to ask and our teacher went through the whole JFK tragic event.