Jodi Foster

I've never pondered this question before, but my answer came immediately......Jodi Foster.

My life has been unusual and complex, and I believe she has all the "skills" needed to portray me.


Although I only know of her, her public persona reflects all the pieces needed to reflect who I am.

Plus, I highly admire her as a person.

P.S.  I joke around all the time saying she's my 2nd girlfriend. Even when I'm single........

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10 Responses Feb 9, 2009

Diane Lane. I only dare dream of being that classy.

lol I rest my case.<br />
<br />
All kidding aside, I saw him as himself once on the show and all decked out. OMG is he hot!!!!!! I was droolling!!!!!

lol......your funny......Actually, I have this sense of you being capable of playing yourself. lol

oooooh...I like your choice. She's very good in every sense of the word!

Sissy Spacic, (Carrie)

thanks........that is taken as a compliment....)

I so agree, I'd love to go to the openning show with you.

Took me a few minutes to think about a movie of my life. Should there ever be one i think someone like Evangeline Lilly (Lost) or Jennifer Morrison (House, MD). They are good actresses and not overtly sexy, as others are, but have a quiet sexiness that i think fits better.

Wonderful choice. Love her and she does make some excellent movies ... consistently.

Those are good choices.......