Lavender . . Green . . Crystal . . . Violet . . .

Red. 2.
Orange. 8.
Magenta. 6.
Yellow. 5.
Logical Tan. 5.
Environmental Tan. 4.
Sensitive Tan. 2.
Abstract Tan. 8.
Green. 10.
Blue. 7.
Violet. 9.
Lavender. 12.
Crystal. 10.
Indigo. 7.
Red Overlay. 5.

The personal quiz was quite long and boring. Or maybe i'm just sleeepy. . I do wonder if the results actually reflect my self. Well, it was quite interesting. . . So these are my results. And my top three colors are Lavender, Green, and Crystal. Let's see what they mean. . . (^_^)

LAVENDER. . . 12 pts.
Fantasy, enchantment, dreams, myths, spiritual beings, angels, fairies are all concepts which fill the Lavenders' mind. Lavenders tend to live in a fantasy world. They prefer to spend their time out of their bodies, where life is pretty and enchanting. It is challenging for these airy beings to live in three-dimensional reality.
Lavenders prefer imaginary pictures of the world, seeing butterflies, flowers and wood nymphs rather than dirt, concrete and large cities. Physical reality seems cold and harsh to them. These sensitive creatures are fragile and frail, and their physical appearance is often weak and pale. ... ... ...
 Oh yeah! I love fantasizing! Maybe that's why i love the character of Luna Lovegood (in Harry Potter) so much. I love books like Narnia and Harry Potter, and i'm not ashamed of it, though because of this I am thought of as very very childish. Maybe I am indeed SO childish, but SO WHAT. I would love to see fairies and dragons. I love fairy tale like things. I just love it. I also love farms, and medieval times. LoL. If I have my own house, I want a garden in it. I loved that book "Secret Garden," the description of the garden there is wild and amazing! I would love a garden like that. Not organized by a gardener, trees and bushes aren't cut in patterns or whatever. They grow wild and free and lovely! Flowers and fruits and veggies everywhere! Plus there's a moor beside it. Lovely! (^-^) And giants would be fun too, if only they were tame. And of course, huge huge trees, like those depicted in a book "Inkheart" by C.Funke . . and animals that could talk, like those in Narnia, lovely! And cute bowtruckles and beautiful hippogriffs. Thestrals won't be a bad addition to my world either. i hope there are creatures like these in the New Earth. Except for thestrals and dragons, I don't like other reptiles. Not dinosaurs, they're too scary. I don't like cannibals either. I don't like it when the creatures turn dangerous, I just want them tame, all the time. Maybe a little naughty and playful, so it would be fun, but they shouldn't be the type that could eat me. . . LoL. :D
but hey, my color isn't alabaster white, I'm dark skinned. . But yah ii'm pale-looking. thin and pale. and yeah i'm always inside the house, but i would love to go out. and i love long long long walks.

GREEN. . . 10 pts. 
Greens are some of the most powerful and intelligent people in the aura spectrum. Greens are extremely bright. They process information and ideas quickly; jumping from steps one to ten. They do not like dealing with all the steps and details in between.
A project that is too detailed is tedious and boring for Greens . They prefer to develop an idea, organize a plan, and then delegate someone else to take care of the details. ... .... ...
 Oh I don't know! I used to be logical and stuff, when reading the Bible and stuff. when I first truly read the Bible, I got kinda addicted, and . . Too many ideas in my head, I felt like my brain is gonna burst. i'm not interested in money and power though. But I do have this great dream of telling the world that it is living a lie. . That it is being spinned by lies. But who the heck will listen to me. Ha Ha Ha. oh yeah i love projects, i love planning, though my plans never get done. i get bored while doing them, and they get forgotten. . . i love solving problems in my mind, but doing the solving is harder. i had many many projects I planned to do before, but I wasn't able to finish any. i have a very strong willpower at first, then it fades with time and with boredom. LoL it's pretty complicated. I love analyzing. i love work. I love determination. But I don't have the confidence, I guess. or may be it's the skills that I don't have. I have this great desire or determination to do certain things, then I make plans on how to do them, and then suddenly, I'm not doing it anymore. The purpose or the will gets lost along the way. toooo baaddd. :-/
Sometimes I feel like I can do anything I want to (except singing or dancing or acting or anything related to that LOL). sometimes I think I can do this and that, and I do make plans. . I get so excited when i get a project to do or plan to do. But the only times they succeeded are very few. I do believe nothing is impossible though. I surely do.
My current projects right now are (1) getting a job and (2) improving my vocabulary. I was Harry Potter the previous weeks and I already listed the hundreds of words that seemed confusing to me. and I put them in an excel file. and the definition and contexting are still ongoing . . . I don't think i'm a good "green" though, maybe beccause i am also emotional. because if i am a good green, i could have finished my studies. and i didn't. and i won't.

CRYSTAL. . . 10 pts.
Crystal is a rare Life Color. Crystals have clear auras and are known as the "aura chameleons." Like chameleons, their auras will change colors to match those of the people they are connecting with at the time. They then take on the characteristics, behavior patterns, emotions and thoughts of that color.
Consequently, in power Crystals can get along quite well with almost anyone. Yellows , for example, feels they can relate to Crystals who, when they are with them, act and think like Yellows . Later, when the same Crystals spend time with Sensitive Tans, the Tans can feel as if they have found kindred spirits.
However, the Crystals' inconsistencies can also confuse people. One minute Crystals think and behave like Greens . A short while later, they can act like Blues . The more they connect and bond with others, the more their personalities change. ... ... ...
 The chameleon thing, I think I get it. . But the healing thing is pretty confusing. I do change a lot depending on the people I'm with. For example, at home, I'm hot-tempered and outrageous. But outside, I'm shy and not confident. well it's really complicated. I want to integrate, but it's hard. I don't know if this has to do with "Crystal," but sometimes I think I have a Multiple Personality Disorder. I've read about it somewhere, but maybe I'm just being paranoid. They say most people with M-P-D have been sexually abused in their childhood. i wasn't really sexually abused in my childhood, but I had sex with a child, or with my fellow children in my childhood. For most people this is normal and worth a second thought. But this tortured me during the years that I am growing up. Elementary Years. Highschool Years. it affected me so much. The great guilt and the secrets in my heart. A part of me that no one knew. It tortured me a lot. God knows. Sometimes I don't know what I think and feel and do. Sometimes I don't myself, but I'm sure God does. So whatever, SomeOne knows me and still loves me. That is Someone great, someone i'm not worthy of.
well whatever. . . So crystals have healing whatever? well i hope that's true. . but i don't feel anything like that. . except once, or twice, when i wanted to pray over the healing of some people. Anyway, ii backed out, i didn't have enough faith. Shame.
Crystal Crystal Crystal... My personality or attitude does tend to change with people. i can be fun, or I can be quiet. I can be selfish(tsk tsk tsk), or I can be selfless. I can be polite, or I can be rude. I can be bullied, or sometimes (though I hate to admit) i could be a bully. i could be a glutton and eat a lot, though I could also Not eat for a day if i'm with people i'm scared of (or feel awkward with). I feel awkward with a lot of people, esp. people from my past, who are present in my childhood days. With strangers, I feel more comfortable (except rich or shiny or boast-y strangers).
Well there there. (^_^)

I wonder if this aura test is true. It's like a horoscope or something. It looks superstitious. But, even though the test is boring, I loved reading about the colors... :)
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18-21, F
Mar 12, 2012