Crystal 9, Sensitive Tan 8

When I got to Crystal, I was a little freaked out.  It was describing me almost exactly - which is almost - I don't know just strange.  It scared me.

It said I'm an "aura chameleon", I find that so difficult to believe, because, I'm one of the most steadfast people I know.  I don't feel like I change to match anyone. 

It said I absorb people's auras?  Does that mean that I am overbearing to people?

I think I need some help in understanding what it means to be a Crystal, it says I have some type of healing?  I need some healing!!  I've been sick most of my adult life!

I think I have a red overlay too.  I got a 4 there.

 Any light someone can shed on this would be greatly appreciated.  I don't know anything about Auras.

Willowtree7 Willowtree7
26-30, F
Feb 28, 2009