When I Curl My Hair...

I get accused of sounding like Allison Kraus when I sing, my eyes looking similar to Cameron Diaz and when I curl my hair persons say Alicia Silverstone, although the only one I can agree with is the Allison Kraus comment.

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Over the years I've been told I remind them/ look like a young Bill Murray, a young Jack Lemmon, Michael Hutchence, Robert Downey Jr and Hugh Bonneville.

Allison can really sing IMO. Do you remember Alicia in "American Beauty" was it ? The ending scenes were fantastic.

LOL SK<br />
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Frosti, I will check it out.<br />
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Ar, I am sure.

I've been told that I resemble a very pale arm, bent at a right angle. But I don't see it myself. Oh well ....

Ive been told I look like Janeane Garofalo. Which is fine i like her and she's pretty.<br />
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here's a slideshow my friend did on my myspace page for me.<br />
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I don't know of any celeb that resembles me. If i cut my hair the same way i might look like that dude from sniper.

LMAO and how will you know it is not me? LOL . . . I have to think about it. There is also a couple of experiences in here that have my picture attached to them but the question is which ones?

I used to have a picture posted on here sweet pea. I may put some pics back up. What is funny is my picture was in my profile for many many months without it being labeled. Lots of people looked at it, in fact it had hundreds of views but no one realized it was me lol.

A picture says a 1,000 words, FG, so how about just posting a pic ;-)

Thanks Entice...I can see that. <br />
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Yes you do Duchess. You are a beautiful woman.

wow, milady fungirl, those are all wonderful qualities but none of them compare to you just as who you are. Many of my family and friends have told me i resemble mostly hilary swank in all aspects of life.....looks, voice, actions and reactions. I get told htat by strangers too quite often lol...great post darlin .....