This Had To Happen. It Was For A Reason.

Aw go stuff it! Without getting into too much detail. Something really bad happened once and I was very upset. "This just HAD to happen" I was told "There is a reason. And, one day you're going to sit back and say 'You know, (name)? You were right!' " Well the day never came and there was no 'reason' for it other than plain bad luck.

It is really condiscending and proud for someone to sit in the beachers and say something like that. Like they have some kind of mystic insight into your life that you are currently lacking in addition to the present trouble. It is condescending.

That kind of thing was very uncaring and the wrong thing to say. If there was any reason it was that the individual can find someone else to console or else shut up all together when they don't know what they are talking about. "It just HAD to happen" they said. It's almost as if they were a little glad that it did and were now at rest and peace that they could watch the unfoldings. Well, the happiness is on them because I don't need people like that in my life and have been VERY happy since disassociating myself with the person. Not to mention, straitened out the problem singlehandedly and with no help from them. And I will never EVER "sit back" with them and say, "You know? You were right" Shove off!
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everything happens for a reason . I am like what reason is there when s child dies?