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The Harmonica

Why I hear you ask? Well that's easy, I've always got great pleasure from a having an organ in my mouth, harmonicas, you can't beat them!
Illiteratetroll Illiteratetroll 46-50 4 Responses Nov 22, 2012

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*giggle-giggle* I may have to reconsider my thoughts about sexy instrument. ;)

TROLL! ...... HAhahahahahaha...

Nothing wrong with a nice organ now is there, shame it's been soooo long since I've played with one, it's been that long I may need diagrams if ever get me hands on one again!

( Draws Troll a diagram... ) OOOOPS, I got that part wrong, too big. ( erases ) Now!
( Makes a bunch of curly Q's ) ( wads up paper ) Troll, I'VE forgotten too .....

We need to start a new group, how about: It's been sooooo long since I had sex I'm in need of instructor?

lmao.....Someone asked me if I was getting any on the side.....I told them it had been so long since I got any that I didn't know they had moved it.

Um.... Troll and I would like to meet you .....

lmao....I am under Troll's bed trying to make her laugh so she gets in trouble with the nurses.

Stop making me laugh for fecks sake! We have lil 13 year old girly in and I'm trying to be on my best behaviour!!!!!

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Ahhhhh! very good! but, not only can you blow a skin flute, you can beat it as well!!!!

LMAO! You're a cheeky s0d, you nicked this group off me and got in first! That's damn cheeky!

I am good. I know!

I couldn't believe it! Would you jump in my grave so fast lol!

that depends....will you be buried naked?

Do you know I hadn't thought about it? I suspect it'll either be naked or possibly wearing the thigh high boots one last time......................

You know, I just realized that EP said I was too short, and you said I was too fast......good thing I recover quickly or my self esteem would truly be damaged.

LMAO! Tragic combination!

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