The Harmonica

Why I hear you ask? Well that's easy, I've always got great pleasure from a having an organ in my mouth, harmonicas, you can't beat them!
Illiteratetroll Illiteratetroll
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TROLL! ...... HAhahahahahaha...

Nothing wrong with a nice organ now is there, shame it's been soooo long since I've played with one, it's been that long I may need diagrams if ever get me hands on one again!

( Draws Troll a diagram... ) OOOOPS, I got that part wrong, too big. ( erases ) Now!
( Makes a bunch of curly Q's ) ( wads up paper ) Troll, I'VE forgotten too .....

We need to start a new group, how about: It's been sooooo long since I had sex I'm in need of instructor?

Um.... Troll and I would like to meet you .....

Stop making me laugh for fecks sake! We have lil 13 year old girly in and I'm trying to be on my best behaviour!!!!!

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