More Than One...

I have a few favorite stories.

First are the Shadowman stories because they are about something very personal in my life and they represent my deepest feelings. As with all my stories you have to read deeper into these to understand fully what is trying to be conveyed but the Shadowman stories are very deep and meaningful for me.

Additionally my Cardinal Girl Story has a lot of meaning to it as well. As my grandmother continued to get worse I continued to hold on to the fact that one day she would get better. In writing the Cardinal Girl I came to realize that my grandmother was not going to get any better and that it was time for me to accept that fact and get through the pain of it now. I still see my grandmother weekly but I know the woman that I knew is long ago dead and that she will never come back to me. I am able to get through my visits with fewer tears afterwards now that I have come to that realization.


All the love letters I wrote to my Cubby. He remains a constant in my life and I will never regret the time I spend with him. He is one of the best friends I have ever had and the time I spend with him makes me feel young and free. All the stories and letters about him will forever be a huge piece of fungirl’s heart.


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They are ALL hot....the shadowman stories are in the "little erotica" group.