For Me It Was...

My childhood (age: 5-8) I loved; it was magical! I lived in UK for awhile, and my family travelled alot to visit different countries! For me, that was an exciting experience.

My teen years, on the other hand (age: 16-18) were pretty terrible, I had basically no direction in life back then and was swayed by my family and friends so badly...

Now, I'm almost 21, although I can't say I have everything about me figured out, I have surprising discovered this inner calm which I never had before...

I'm now complete fine with letting things happen naturally or at a slower pace!

What about you? :)

yoyo101 yoyo101
18-21, F
1 Response Apr 16, 2008

I like my teen years (16-18).<br />
I do love my present age - 22. I became more confident. :-))