Well, I saw this movie when I was a little kid, maybe seven or eight yo, but already at the time I was pretty touched by the script, and mainly, the hope e determination of the main character, to go after the one he loves. What amazes me even today is the feeling of certainty he gets when he looks onto that picture and feel she is the woman of his life. Unfortunately for me, I had this experience, not with a picture, but lived on dating with a person for 2y2m with complete certainty that she was the woman of my life. The determination of the character is what makes for me this movie so touching. He simply gets back on to the past, just to see his loved one. On the book there are much details that are passed on whitin the movie script, details much more tragic I would say, but this always happen when you transpose a romance into a movie script with time limit. 

Anyway for the 24h romantics, it´s a title you must have. For me, many subjects on this movie thrill me. The mix with romance, past lifes and time travel is a real work of art.


Lonedruid Lonedruid
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This movie has never left my heart! One of my favorites.He was so awesome in this movie.This is a timeless movie that NEVER should or could be remade,Imo.Cant fix perfection!

It's one of those unforgetable movies for me. One of the movies I tell people they should check out.