38p ~ Maybe

I'm not totally sure if I'm a 38P, because I'm actually taking a stupid dare from my friend not to milk for two weeks, and so they're a bit swollen, and rather bigger and heavier than usual XD haha

But last time I measured them at ordinary size, they were 38P; 135cm.
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well I would love to see them would you pm me please

someone said she had TT CUP

Wow. Great profile. Please add me as a friend. Thank you.

Holy **** bby x

Awesome! If it's okay with you, I'd love to see them.

That's cool

Not a wide angle lens capable of capturing the magnificent sweep of your engorged melons, is there, lol! Would love to try to fit my mouth over one of them!

Awesome! When do we get a chance to see some pics of these titanic *******?

Haha, whenever I can actually get a picture of myself on the computer XD

have you ever tried your own milk and if so what did it taste like?

Haha, yes XD It's quite nice actually. It was sort of weird at first, but I'm more used to it now.

did u pump it out than drink it or did u drink straight from the source?

Hahaha, source XD

i love it when a girl suckles herself ;)

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damn that is crazy

VBH is just crazy

Hopefully you did not get too engorged....that can be so awfully painful, but I am sure your first milking was just heaven!

Absolutely XD

What torture they inflick. When it`s over make them wear a birdcage, or inotherwords a male chastaty device.for a month or so. Sweet revenge.

Hahaha, they had to pay me, so that's good enough for me XD haha

Was it worth it ? Never mind, I`m sure it was, getting paid, & then getting milked afterward.

it must have been amazing to milk after all that time. Do you know how much you got?

Yeah, I made sure to check how much I got... I'm slightly embarrassed to say though XD haha

Come on you can tell us how much it was :)

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I think we need some picture proof!

well I guess you win

I bet your special friend loves them :) I know I would.


:) *hugs tight*

dang, girl. Sounds nice to have your own built in pillows xD hope to talk to you again :)

We'll talk again, I'm just not on here all that often :)

No worries, Hun :)

That's every bit as big as I've seen, that's no joke to be blessed / burdened as such (depending on your point of view)

I tend to see them more as blessings than burdens; the pros outweigh the cons most of the time ^-^

It is amazing they are that big. However, aren't you concerned the skin could split?

Awesome response.thanx 4 sharing and 4 your openess.best

Haha, I hope not! XD That doesn't look likely (thank goodness!), because the skin has really grown along with them pretty well. If I had stretch marks I'd kill myself XD haha (not really, but, you know...)

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I'd LOVE to see how huge, firm and swollen your breasts get when you don't milk them. I hope it doesn't hurt too much. I LOVE such swollen breasts very much, to see how they spill over your bra as they get too big.

Hahaha, it does XD I don't even know if it fits, I haven't worn it for almost a week; it's starting to get uncomfortable with this stupid dare XD hahaha

How much longer do you have on the dare? :P

Until this Sunday XD It's really hard, but I'm alive, haha

Well, it isn't officially over until morning, but I think I won! ^-^ Thank you!
PS ~ I can't actually reply to your IM unless you add me first XD haha

Oh wow, sounds like they'll feel up quite a bit if you're already a 38P. You'll have to keep us updated if your bra starts to feel snug :P